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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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west along the great lakes region. it's not going to push eastward until tonight. the rain is going to stay off to our west. but the heaviest amounts will rotate after midnight and be here in time for the morning commute. we anticipate heavy rainfall tomorrow. it looks like we'll stay in the rain the first half of the day. we have another round that will be coming in for thursday and we're watching a tropical storm that could affect us. i'll have the details coming up. steve: that's a lot. busy, busy. thank you. the isis recruitment machine is getting support from radicalized americans. dari: homeland security officials say it's time to increase efforts to stop them from crossing the border. lidia curanaj joins us to explain. >> reporter: the main mode of recruitment, social media. almost 80 percent of cases, the report found examples of aspiring terrorists downloading propaganda, promoting it or engaging with other extremists via social media. the united states is not doing
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enough to prevent americans from joining isis. that's the dire warning from a report put out by a task force with the u.s. committee on homeland security. it was released the same day president obama met with more than 100 world leaders in a special u.n. summit on isis. >> like terrorists and tyrants, isil will lose. it has only suffering and death to offer. >> they reviewed 58 cases of americans who attempted to join. of those 58, 15 were identified as people from minnesota. second. international security expert robert strang. >> it's a community that has strong connections and strong affiliations as new york and california do. and then you go back to new jersey, michigan and other states. >> reporter: the report claims more than 250 americans have joined or tried to join terror groups in iraq and syria. the report says dozens have made
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>> the threat is getting worse, not better. we are losing in the struggle to keep americans from the battlefield. >> reporter: while the report's findings are disconcerting, u.s. intelligence continues, even though the aspiring recruit has left the states. >> clearly we try to identify anybody who is going to be radicalized, right, so the strategy is to stop them before they go. but if they do go, we use that information and communication to be able to identify other people who could be radicalized. >> reporter: back to the u.n. summit held today, more than 60 countries are taking part in the coalition to defeat isis. president obama announced three additions, tunisia, nigeria and liberia.
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kundus kundus. the afghan president says his military has launched a counteroffensive to retake the city. steve: president obama meeting with raul castro in new york, their second meeting this year as the two countries continue to move on the path towards normalized relations. they discussed the recent visit of pope francis who brokered the resumption of diplomacy and tackled human rates and the economic embargo. dari: a group of convicted journalists wants to be pardons. three are among the group of seven who are convicted of terrorism offenses in egypt while reporting for -- >> we were just doing our jobs. we weren't doing anything. we were trying to do what so
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after the coup in difficult circumstances. this terrorism conviction was than fair and we should have it stripped from us and be given a pardon. dari: two journalists were given pardons by egypt's president. 18 still remain in egyptian jails. steve: a final farewell to one of the greatest. a funeral for yogi berra held in montclair, new jersey. dari: mac king shows us how family, friends and fans paid their respects. >> yogi was a special friend along with carmen, shared many a dinner with them. >> reporter: joe would drive 18 hours to spring training in a vehicle with members of his coaching staff and yogi berra. all wore pinstripes. >> no. 8, walking into the
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and people saying, no. no. it was absolutely priceless. and yogi going up and saying >> reporter: he shared stories tuesday. >> he said i can't. he said i've got to go do a commercial. oh, okay. i said, what's the commercial for? he says amtrak. it was aflac. okay. i think amtrak probably sent him a check, too. i'm not sure. >> reporter: former yankees reggie jackson and others filled the church in montclair, new jersey, where yogi and his wife lived for the majority of their lives. >> he was not a saint. >> cardinal dolan delivered the eulogy. sailors lined the outside of the
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with a wren rendition of taps. he was in the second world war. yogi was 90. he was married to the same woman for 65 years. he won three mvp; 10 world series and a spot in the hall of fame. >> was jackie robson safe or out? it all now fades. it all now passes. he was so real, so loved. friends of mine contacted me when yogi passed and thanked me for introducing them to him, for being in the same room with him. >> reporter: his widow attended the funeral as to derek jeter, andy pettitte and others. dari: he will be missed. thank you. >> a go fund me page has collected more than $57,000. this is for the family of evan murray. he is the high school
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quarterback in new jersey who died last week, last friday night, after being injured on the field. the money was raised to help the family with funeral expenses and medical costs. the 17-year-old at warren hills high died of massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. his funeral is set for thursday. steve: get me off the fb. millions duped into posting a legal notice that's a big hoax. you may have seen it. it's a short note that claims to protect the privacy of all your precious photos if you repost it as your status. it's not the first time the scam has made the rounds. it happened three times in recent years. at 6:00, sharon crowley explains why the hoax seems to have staying power. dari: republicans scrambling to select their next speaker of the house. they'll meet tonight for a strategy session.
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mccarthy has announced his candidacy to replace john boehner. mccarthy is considered to be the odds on favorite. >> we need to be closer to people we represent. we need for them to believe once again this is their government, that they're in charge, that we serve them. it's not easy and i won't happen overnight. that's my mission. dari: mccarthy is expected to face several challengers, including congressman dan webster of florida who has the support of conservatives. steve: a second gay rights group receiving the invite to march at the st. patrick's day parade. the lavender and gray alliance is invited to attend. they will allow out at nbc to march. they'll take part next year. dari: you've got good news if you take the staten island ferry. they're expanding service. it will run every half hour around the clock. that will start thursday
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morning. they'll be adding four new weekday trips between one and 5:00 a.m. in each direction. the ferry will add three more weekend departures between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m. in both directions. and that ferry is still -- steve: hope it never goes away. it's great. amazing. dozens of abused bunnies rescued in brooklyn has been nursed back to health. dari: this means the little guys are looking for homes. what to do if you'd like to adopt one. steve: and john stamos returns to prime time. simone boyce sat down with him
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sitcom. dari: big name coffee company is getting into the soda business. steve: breaking news regarding the head of a fashion empire. alison morris joins us with the headlines. this is a biggie. >> reporter: this is breaking news. ralph lauren is stepping down. he's not leaving entirely. big news. he's going to remain the chief creative, but the head of the global group that runs old navy will be coming in as ceo. ralph is okay. he's going to be 76 in a couple of weeks.
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succession plan into place. he and stefan will partner going forward, but ralph will have a big roll e. larson will come in november. we're moving to google. apple gets a lot of attention when its precedents happen. today it was google's name, unveiling the 5x and 6p phones. one is 279. both are fingerprint readers. google claims they do charge faster and retain more power than an iphone. androids are popular in the u.s. a lot of people are psyched about the features. they'll ship next month. >> national coffee day. to celebrate, kuerig is branching out. the company known for single cups of coffee making cold drinks. today they announced a machine
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they partnered with coke cola to make sprite, dr. pepper. they're not happy with the kost. and four packs of the soda pods cost $4.99. it's not cheap to make your soda. >> taco bell has a new web site and getting a ton of praise. very cute. you can order food and pay for it on your phones. you don't have to down load the app. you can customize your own taco, order it, skip the line when you run for the border. the web site has a life-style blog, offering deals and discounts. steve: wow. the taco bell life-style. dari: a relationship with taco bell. >> it is getting it. experts love it. they know who their customer is. it's millennials. they know how to communicate with them. their app does well and people
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spend a lot of money. they're trying to make it easier. dari: they've gotten their customers for a long time. steve: and you can get 900 hot -- >> reporter: they know what their users want. when others a struggling, they get it right. steve: you can get a lot of food for cheap. >> reporter: love it. dari: so many choices. >> reporter: thanks, guys. steve: amazon going the way of uber launching a delivery service in seattle. they play part-time drivers 18 to 26. you have to provide your own car, smartphone and pass a background check. the service will be available in new york, chicago and seven other cities. all the companies are becoming a mish mosh of each other. dari: dozens of sick -- aren't they cute -- injured bunny
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rabbits rescued from an animal abuser. jersey. st. hubert's animal welfare center nursed 52 bunnies back to health after police discovered them during raids at a gowanus tire shop. you don't have to worry about hundreds of bunnies appearing. and they're ready for homes, forever homes. steve: they're good pets. that's a decent option. dari: they're good pets. it's not anywhere near easter time. them. they keep them two weeks and go to the shelter. they're good. they don't bark. them. no clean up. we are going into a major weather shift. it's been awesome forever. now it's about to change. act. looks like we'll see the wet side of things through the week. let's talk temperatures. first it was mild and muggy. it was 83 in central park. we hit that number roughly
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highs were in the 80s. everyone was above average. it felt muggy with the dew points. locations. we're at 76 in central park. 73 in islip. same in montauk and bridgeport. you're checking in at 76. those dew points making it feel really sticky. they're in the 60s to low 70s. they'll stay that way the next several days. we have a light wind right now coming in off the ocean. it's from a south direction. south-southwest through the next couple of days. this will be problematic for our shore points. we are expecting tides to be slightly higher than normal over the next couple of days. flooding could be an issue. minor to moderate flooding across the south shore of long island and the jersey shore. that's something to be aware of as the winds will be picking up. about 30 miles an hour. that gusty wind will cause tidal problems. satellite and radar shows we have rain across the area. the bulk is still off to our west. as i showed you earlier, pockets of steady heavy rainfall moving
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into western new jersey and sussex county. it will cross to orange and sullivan county through the next couple of hours. the bulk of the rain is off to the west. not making much eastward movement. that will change into the overnight hours. we have a cold front coming from the west. it's lining up around detroit. it will push the rain eastward at 11:00, 12:00 tonight. that's when it will become steady and heavy during the overnight hours across the immediate tri-state area. don't be surprised if you hear rumbles of thunder. we could have thunderstorms that could produce heavy downpours. there'll be an area of low pressure developing along the front. that will bring enhanced rainfall thursday. we have a one-two punch into the next couple of days. it's relatively quiet. the rain moves in after midnight. it will be here for tomorrow morning, especially if you travel from places like northwest new jersey or the hudson valley. expect flooding to be an issue. that's where we have our flood watches in effect until thursday. we're expecting a lot of rainfall over the next couple of days.
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we'll get a bit of a lull in the action as we go into the middle part of the day. there'll be a line that will push through as the cold front makes its way through the area. we won't clear the rain until tomorrow night before another round on thursday. that will be coming from the south. in the meantime, we're expecting lots of clouds. the rain will be developing into the overnight. isolated thunderstorms will be possible. it will be windy with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. the gusty winds will continue. temperatures remain in the 70s. periods of rain with the bulk in the first half of the day. we'll get a line of thunderstorms in the middle part of the day. it will be heavy at times with downpours coming through. our eyes will be on a system that could be affecting us over the weekend that's a tropical system. temperatures cool into the 50s thursday. it will be windy as we go into the end of the week. we have a tropical storm joaquin we're keeping a close eye on. right now the models are slowing it down significantly. earlier we thought it could affect us as we go into friday.
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now they're slowing it down for the weekend to keep it offshore. we'll keep an eye on that. steve: that's good for us. >> it is. i'll show you the track in another half hour. dari: thank you. steve: thanks. gone are the trips to the beach. time to apple and pumpkin picking. dari: for those on the north fork of long island, this is their time of year. jodi goldberg takes us there. >> reporter: dry weather isn't always a bad thing. it's actually better. when it comes to harvesting pumpkins and apples. >> there's a lot of crops like it on the dry side, especially pumpkin. if they get too wet, they're prone to rot. >> for some, the dry weather makes it more beneficial. for other crops, they suffer. >> reporter: this grower says sweet corn that didn't lie on damp ground didn't do as well. they have two dozen varieties of apples. when picking, you may notice a
5:19 pm
stronger stem on your pumpkin and a crispier, sweeter apple. >> it's an extra expense, but if the quality and attendance is better, it's a good price. >> they use advanced irrigation instead of relying on mother nature. the cost $10,000 more in diesel fuel and manpower. that price hasn't trickled down to the customers. it's the same. 65 cents a pound for pumpkins and $8 for apples. some of the extra costs have been offset by the great weather, but the next six weeks are the ones that really count. they're the busiest of the year. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: i'm so ready for fresh apples. steve: definitely. it's that season. john stamos, ageless bachelor, playing the role of a grandfather. dari: he's starring in two new shows this season. simone boyce is going to join us
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steve: people in chelsea and "hell's kitchen" rocking out to drake, jay z. pan dora releasing a list of the top music in the boroughs. here on the upper east side, zac brown, u2 and billy joel are the most popular. dari: '80s tv icon john stamos is back. steve: you can catch him at 8:00 grandfather. dari: and simone is here. she got to talk to him. he's been all the news for the last year. >> reporter: especially fuller house, which comes out -- fuller house comes out next year. that's been generating a lot of buzz. he's one of these ageless tv icons. steve: him and rob lowe. >> reporter: and they're both on fox. i sat down with john stamos and the actress who plays his baby
5:24 pm
mama in grandfathered. it was a conversation that would make my nine-year-old self very jealous. in between takes at uncle jesse on the full house reunion series, john stamos played on grandfathered. >> i think i have grown up over the years. >> he is blindsided by the son he never knew he had and a new granddaughter. >> it is a curve ball. it's all about sort of relearning how to live your life or the life and reimagining the life that you have. everybody says -- do you have kids? not that you know. i know if i would. i said who's the woman. that's an interesting character. she's a real woman. she's single and playing a smart, together woman who owns her age, mid 40s. that was an interesting
5:25 pm
he thinks he wants to be young, hot chicks, when he doesn't. he wants to be in love with a real woman. it's in front of his face. it's like wake up. >> who would you say is the most like their character, if at all, on the show? >> when i saw the pilot, i thought i was watching an e true hollywood story. it was close. >> jimmy is sometimes out of it and self-important. you're very thoughtful, generous guy. you're a sweet guy. he's not like this character. >> reporter: what isn't happening for stamos, who's revisiting the role that made him a household name in fuller house. >> people still love the show. it's like watching the old show. we look older, but there's the same love and chemistry that was there years ago. >> reporter: for fans, looks like the olsen twins won't be hanging out. >> they didn't feel it was right
5:26 pm
>> reporter: let me know on twitter whether you're more excited to see him as a grandfather or see him return in fuller house. i can't wait until the reunion. steve: they skipped the -- he's never been a father. now he's a grandfather. a good premise. >> reporter: it's fun to watch. a cute show. dari: what a lucky opportunity for him. two at one time. thank you, simone. steve: a trial date has been set for the nypd officer accused in the deadly shooting of an unarmed man in a brooklyn housing complex. dari: relatives of the victim say the case goes beyond the death of a loved one. what else they're seeking in addition to a conviction. steve: plus the daughter of the late actor paul walker holding porsche responsible for the crash. harvey levin will join us live to talk about the lawsuit that has just been filed against the
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dari: the nypd officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed man will go to trial in january. steve: the family spoke about the case a short time ago. >> reporter: it was a very
5:30 pm
on the one side of the courtroom, the family, friends and supporters of a kai gurley and on the other, the family, friends and supporters of the officer who shot him. protestors from black lives matter joined family members outside state supreme court. a judge set a trial date for the trial to begin. he was indicted for the shooting of akai gurley. his domestic partner will be in court every day. >> we want to see justice served and peter liang in jail. we're grateful for an indictment. we'll be grateful for a
5:31 pm
conviction. >> reporter: liang pleaded not guilty and remains on desk duty. without his badge and gun but with full pay. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit and is working through the system. the family attorney says the upcoming trial will reveal much more about the fatal police shooting victim. >> akai was a loving father who would take his children to school, who there was to help the children grow up. now they no longer have a father, thanks to the officer. >> reporter: the family and supporters of the gurley family plan to held a candlelight vigil november 20th, marking the one year anniversary of his death. they plan to hold protests at local precincts. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. dari: thank you. meantime, efforts continue to improve police and community relations in the city. the manhattan and brooklyn borough presidents releasing a report on ways to strengthen ties. the suggestions came from a
5:32 pm
series of town halls and hearings with more than a thousand new yorkers that happened over the past year. >> this was not an i hate the police report or gathering. i believe that police officers will be amazed at how much appreciation with displayed during the hearing. dari: among the suggestions offered in the report, allowing officers to take sabbatical for additional training and doubling cadet training time to a year. steve: the daughter of paul walker suing porsche two years after the deadly crash that claimed his life. dari: tmz executive producer harvey levin joining us to explain why walker's daughter is blaming the car maker. we all thought it was about the 90 miles an hour, the speed issue. but maybe not according to her? >> maybe not. the law enforcement has said it was, indeed, speed, but meadow walker, 16, and her lawyers say
5:33 pm
they say that the real issue was the stability system in this porsche carrera gt, that the car was highly unstable, and that's why the driver lost control. now, there is not a stability system in that car. porsche has them in other models. porsche says we specifically don't because these are racing cars and they want the driver to have the control. to me the bigger thing in this is meadow is saying -- and this is really hard to hear -- but meadow is saying her dad-burned to death, that he was trapped in his seat belt, that there was a minute and 20 seconds between impact and the fire, and he had black soot in his lungs when he was autopsied. we knew a while ago that there was this black soot. law enforcement for some reason disputed it, but they are bringing this up in the lawsuit now. it just makes the crash more horrific. steve: i saw your report. it is troubling to think being trapped there. he was injured from the seat belt.
5:34 pm
couldn't get out allegedly, according to the lawsuit. it's really a tough way to go, if you go by the lawsuit. harvey, we appreciate it. good talking to you. >> okay, guys. dari: snowden tweeting the old agency. steve: the first twee tweet he sent today. dari: and students are learning from one of the best. the rock 'n roll legend who's
5:35 pm
steve: former nsa whistleblower edward snowden joining twitter. he's following only one act, the nsa. he said can you hear me now? it's been retweeted nearly 50,000 times. the former employee leaked thousands of documents to the public revealing the agency has been collecting phone records for years. he fled to russia and faces charges here in the u.s. >> mayor de blasio hitting the road. he'll travel to d.c. on friday to address a liberal leaning business and labor conference. then on to baltimore for the annual conference of mayors meeting. earlier he faced criticism for his out of state travels to advocate for a liberal national agenda. steve: music students in
5:36 pm
morningside heights learning from a member of one of the most iconic bands of the '70s. dari: zachary shows us how a legend of rock is inspiring a new generation of musicians. [music] >> reporter: on a fender electric guitar in a music room, elbert is reaching students and inspiring them to do more. >> i love this job. i love the students. i love the school. it's a great thing. [music] >> reporter: the students who attend edward reynolds westside high are here because their other school didn't work out. >> i transferred here because i needed a new start. >> reporter: audrey is one of the benefactors of the school structure and teachers. >> i get to speak to him about personal things and how i'm feeling and i'm a person that i could express myself better through music.
5:37 pm
optimism and life and sass and vinegar. i love it. i love it. they remind me of myself. >> we hope this is what you need. >> reporter: today on behalf of the foundation, i had the honor of giving the music department a $3,000 check. >> we look for great teachers who are doing inspiring things and have no money. >> reporter: this former drummer in the band blue oyster cult funds the music department out of his own pocket. he says whether the kids make it big or not, there are lessons to be learned through the music. >> the main thing is if you have dreams of doing something, you know, if you stick to it through thick and thin, you can make it happen. >> i know you're here for a reason and trying to get somewhere. i encourage all you guys to stay on your path and enjoy the journey, all right? [applause] >> reporter: they call the high school a transfer school or an alternative school.
5:38 pm
haven't been able to make it in a traditional setting. first part is they take some ownership of how they got there. but they're getting the second opportunity to do big things. this music program seems to be a positive outlook for them to reach their full potential. dari: seems like there's serious talent in that group. >> amazing talent. they have students who have been in the program who have gone on to be full-time professional musicians. you know, the idea that there's a former musician who, in large part, is using money out of his pocket to fund it for the young people is a beautiful thing. we were able to help out. that's nice. steve: cool. did they know they were in the presence of a rock legend? >> reporter: they did. i talked to a couple of students. they were like we didn't really know for a year or two. then they caught wind. now -- i think that's part of the connection, right? these are young people who want to go on and do things in the music industry and the fact they
5:39 pm
have someone there who's done it, someone they can learn from and listen to. steve: seems like a cool guy. thanks, zack. dari: a safety warning for homes with big tvs and small children. steve: the frightening trend of children being hurt by falling televisions. dari: and a disorder usually associated with kids but
5:40 pm
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year agreement.
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dari: big screen tv's could pose a big safety threat in your home. there's a new study out. it finds more and more televisions are falling on children, which can cause severe head and neck injuries, even death. researchers say tv's aren't secure to the walls or furniture and injuries happen when toddlers climb to get toys or kids bump into an unstable tv set or base causing the tv's to topple over on top of the children. steve: when older people start forgetting things, most people think of alzheimer's. doctors say a condition associated with kids could be to blame. dari: in the house, dr. michael smith, the chief medical editor for web md. wow. that would be a relief as opposed to adhd or add as opposed to the other. >> forgetfulness, distraction, if that affected you at 60 or 70, you would get concerned. you might think alzheimer's.
5:43 pm
in reality, what we're finding is that some of the people actually have adhd. you don't develop -- dari: that's what i was wondering. wouldn't you know your whole life? steve: a 70-year-old wouldn't have known. >> 50 years ago, we didn't talk about it. in all likelihood, they had it as children. the criteria are that you have to have the symptoms as early as age 7. they lived with this their whole life and probably if you look back -- here's the key. you look back. were they challenged with completing tasks their whole lives? did they tend to get distracted, attention problems? if so, you point to adhd. if not, you'll be concerned about alzheimer's or dementia. steve: interesting how we look at the symptoms through the prism of how old someone is. >> then you layer adhd something on it, something we've heard of in the last 10, 20 years. dari: recently some experts have been saying that butter is not
5:44 pm
so bad for you. >> not so fast. dari: another study says limiting saturated fat is good for your heart. >> this study clarifies the previous study. it showed that people who decrease saturated fat, in butter and meat, they did not decrease the risk of heart disease. we're questioning that. what is going on. this study shows us what is going on. we know if you decrease saturated fat and replace it with refined cash rbohydrates, your risk doesn't go down. that means those carbs are just as bad as saturated fat. if you replace the bad fats with good fats or whole grains, your risk goes down. you want to decrease saturated fats. you want to replace it with the right stuff, which is good fats or whole grains. that's the key. steve: people switch from one bad thing to the other. that wasn't the problem. it was.
5:45 pm
>> think of the low fat thing of the '90s. dari: so much sugar. so much sugar. >> we know today that's just as bad. steve: everything i was raised thinking is now debunked. dr. smith, we appreciate that. that's good info. let's talk weather. not going to be pretty. >> it will be very wet across the tri-state area. we'll have gusty winds. it will be pretty ugly. unfortunately, the timing for the morning commute doesn't look good. 83 is what we hit in central park today. that was at 12:30 this afternoon. we were above average across the area. we're sitting at 76 in the park. the dew point is very uncomfortable, in the upper 60s and low 70s. we're sitting in the low 70s for our temperatures on long island around islip and montauk. 76 in bridgeport. 76 the reading in the park. we're at 80 in poughkeepsie. we have flood watches that have been issued by the national weather service starting for tonight through thursday morning.
5:46 pm
portions of connecticut up to sullivan and dutchess counties. flood watches are from maine out to western pennsylvania. this is because we have a swath of rain that is moving across this portion of the northeast. we're in a nice spot here where it's dry for much of us. northern new jersey is the exception. the bulk of the rain is sitting to the west. it won't its impact until late tonight. we have a cold front off to the west. that will push the rain over the region probably after 11:00, 12:00. and we are anticipating the rain to come down heavy, resulting in flooding across the area. check out down to the south on the corner of your screen. that is tropical storm joaquin. we're watching that closely because right now the computer models are keeping it out in the atlantic. earlier we did anticipate it could probably impact the tri-state area. we thought about thursday or friday. now they're slowing it down significantly and keeping it
5:47 pm
by 2:00 on sunday, it will be off the cape of hatteras. we'll see how it will be progressing. doesn't look like it will be impacting any major land masses over the next several days. futurecast is showing lots of clouds. we'll have rain overnight. fortunately it will be here for the morning commute. it will be wet on the roadways. flooding will be an issue. we'll have a line of showers and isolated thunderstorms developing around lunchtime as the cold front starts to work eastward. it will push out of the area tomorrow night. before that happens, we'll see a round of rain tomorrow. it should be lighter than the morning commute. on thursday, we'll have another area of low pressure coming from the south that will bring us a round of rain keeping us unsettled for the next several days. looks like tonight we will be needing the umbrellas handy, especially this evening. expect isolated thunderstorms. it will be windy with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour.
5:48 pm
it will be a windswept rain in the morning. temperatures will be in the 70s for the afternoon highs. we'll taper off to scattered showers in the afternoon. then it stays unsettled the next several days. temperatures take a drop. we're going for highs in the 50s. that will feel cool thursday. 60 on friday. we warm into the upper 60s on saturday. as the weekend comes into play, it will be unsettled. we'll watch joaquin. it's going to be a tough forecast. for now we anticipate heavy rain for the commute. dari: maybe we'll make up some rain. thank you. an environmental engineer at columbia university has something in common with creator of one of the hottest plays on broadway. steve: both are being honored by the macarthur foundation with the genius grant. jessica shows us how he's turning wastewater into a resource. >> 10 new yorkers are the recipient of the genius grant,
5:49 pm
he's an earth and environmental engineer. >> i was a bit numb initially. then after that, i was overjoyed. >> reporter: the professor spoke to us via skype. two weeks ago after he got off a plane from india, he received a phone call that took him by surprise. >> i was jet lagged. i was probably half asleep, probably in a different time zone. i remember the first words that i was a recipient of the macarthur fellowship. i don't remember too much after that. >> reporter: the foundation looks for people shedding light and making progress on critical issues. among the 24 winners, another new yorker, a play writer, composer and performer in the show hamilton. the professor, chosen for turning wastewater into a valuable resource. >> the way we approach this, instead of just focusing on getting clean water from the
5:50 pm
streams, by putting in more energy and chemicals, we extract the resources, the chemicals, the energy, the nutrients for food, and then we say, by the way, here's clean water as a bonus. >> reporter: each receives $625,000 over five years to spend any way he or she wants, no strings attached. >> the support from the foundation can be used to perhaps carry out high risk, high reward research. >> reporter: to students who are hard at work in the lab where they conduct clean water research, they agree. >> excited for how the fellowship will improve what we're able to do in the lab and let us answer more questions. >> reporter: in the past six years, three professors of the columbia engineering school have been awarded the grant. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: a community on long island is coming together to fill campus sidewalks with special artwork.
5:51 pm
chalk, are on the walkways made by students, faculty and staff, part of an exhibition that has all different types of art. you saw the forecast. rain, rain, rain and more rain, which we need. steve: get there while you can. dari: we'll see you at 10:00 with more on the forecast. steve: here'ser ernie with what's coming up. >> the news is next. and new york city after the pope's visit. what's changed? who's been inspired and how long will his message last? we'll talk about that. next tonight, we've seen it everywhere. why is everyone falling for that facebook hoax again? we're talking about it. it's all for you next at 6:00. i hope you'll join us. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred
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ernie: here we are. it's tuesday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. again, we thank you very much for joining us. we begin with a story that has captured world attention when saturday. he left behind an abundance of heart-warming messages. he addressed the church and the community leaders, but he made it a point to reach out to everyone. now that he's back in rome, what impact did he have on the people of our city? jessica begins our in-depth look at new york after the pope. >> reporter: it was an historic event. >> god bless america. >> reporter: six states, three major cities and more than 20 addresses. >> he's so compassionate. he always kisses the children. >> reporter: pope francis spoke at congress, the united nations, independence, the 9/11 museum,
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